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Here's Everything You Get:

  • ​TripValet Incentives Pro ($1200 Value)
  • ​YEPClips Training Library ($4997 Value)
  • ​Monthly Accelerator Group Coaching ($297 Value)
  • ​Monthly Group Tax Planning and Strategy Calls ($297 Value)
  • Monthly Group Marketing and Branding Calls ($297 Value)
  • Access to Business Execution Calls ($250 Value)
  • ​Quarterly Online Mastermind Events ($497 Value)
  • Private Community Group ($1997 Value)

TOTAL VALUE: $11,119!!


  • Discounted Travel Portal ($2997 Value)
  • Personal Shopping Portal ($997 Value)
  • ​Personal Entertainment Portal ($997 Value)
  • ​Access to Zoom Portal Discount ($690 Value)
  • Access to AI Online Discount ($444 Value)
  • YEP Directory Listing ($1997 Value)

If Anyone Would Know A Great Opportunity, It Would Be
Shark Tank's Original Shark
Kevin Harrington 

Access to Unlimited High End Travel Incentives


Boost your business with marketing incentives. Compete with Fortune 500 companies utilizing marketing incentives especially designed for entrepreneurs providing travel incentives that can be used for your clients, your staff and potential prospects. This incentive-based program can be embedded on your website, where prospects that give you their name and contact information will build your email database, helping you increase your business potential.


Unlock YEPCLIPS Our Exclusive Results Based Training Library


Stop wasting time on trial and error methods. Find success with these tried and true strategies! This training library provides you up-to-date education in five-to-ten-minute segments, learning from entrepreneurs that have successfully managed stumbling blocks of business ownership. This consistently grows so that we may provide you the latest strategies for success.


Monthly Accelerator Group Coaching


Become the best version of yourself possible - including on a professional level. Monthly accelerator calls provide members access to live online training in various topics, such as, incentive-based marketing, mindset, financial business strategies and more. These calls are uploaded into the YEP Library and are used to feature various community members that assist you in growing and scaling your business to the next level.

Watch the video to hear legendary motivational speaker Les Brown give his take on the value of YEP.


Monthy Group Tax 
Planning and Strategy Calls


Find out the best way to plan your business so that you can save more money in the future. Learn the best strategies for planning your taxes and get the most benefits from your business. Dr. Katrina Ferguson will teach you how to plan your business to be able to receive the most strategic approach to tax management. She instructs you on the tips and tools necessary to get the biggest bang for your buck. 


Monthly Group
Marketing and Branding Calls


Get inspired and motivated to take your business to new heights. These calls are designed for you, the entrepreneur, to learn the best way to brand your business and create marketing plans that will increase your profitability. During these sessions you will also learn social media marketing strategies that will help you compete in this new generation of marketing.


Access to 1-1 Business Execution Calls


Gain invaluable knowledge from an expert who is passionate about what they do. We realize that all entrepreneurs need support and sometimes ideas that need execution. Here, you will receive personalized coaching and mentoring for a low hourly rate of $97 per hour from one of our professionals. They will focus on the strategic needs that you have for your business to grow. We understand that many people have expertise in certain areas, but it is always good to have a mentor to strengthen and develop your skills. This one-on-one support will help get your business to the next level.


Quarterly Online Mastermind Events


Gain clarity on what's holding your business back and develop a plan to overcome it. These one-day mastermind events are designed to take a challenging aspect of your business and share with other business owners. As a group you develop solutions for your challenges. 

Learn from great leaders like ABC Secret Millionaire James Malinchak. 


Access to Private Community


Find a partner and grow together. Be a part of the YEP inner circle community, where you can network, get support and bounce ideas off your fellow entrepreneurs.

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​Discount Travel Portal

(TOTAL VALUE $2,997)

Save THOUSANDS in personal and business travel with our private travel club. Save on travel, hotel, rental cars, cruises, resorts, condos, airfare, etc. 
 (110% savings guarantee)
Private Member-Only Travel Portal


Personal Shopping Portal


Not only do you have access to this discount shopping marketplace, some people will qualify for Zebit shopping dollars. Need a new computer? How about gear to start your podcast? No problem! Find discounts and see if you qualify for the credit line. Also, many of our vendors offer shopping discounts and rebates to our entrepreneurs within the YEP community, so you can save your valuable dollars to use on your business and increase your bottom line.


​Personal Entertainment Portal


You receive discounts on entertainment such as movie tickets, recreation and more.
Private Member-Only Travel Portal


Access To Zoom Portal Discount


Zoom’s Enterprise package is valued at $240.00 per year per license. To add unlimited cloud storage is another $480/year. Our members pay only $12.99 monthly. As you can see, this one benefit pays for your YEP membership!


Access to AI Online Discount


Every proven online marketing strategy. Website. Blog. Social Media. Content Marketing. Email. SMS. Online Advertising. SEO. CRM. Analytics. Automated, integrated and easy. Make marketing online simple and easy. AI online access is normally $47 monthly, our members receive this service at $27/mo.
Private Member-Only Travel Portal


YEP Directory Listing


Get more exposure for your business. If you are a YEP member and you offer specialized pricing for YEP Members, you may be listed in the YEP directory.
Many of our YEP members find this to be a valuable asset, because they can use other members of this community and receive savings.

Designed From A-Z To Be The

Perfect NEXT Step

For ANY Business Level


We all start somewhere... and today, you could be sitting here wondering if this is right for you as a "starter". The answer is a 100% YES. We've designed this program so even a brand new starter can take immediate action and make this work.


You may have a traditional business or one online, but want to accelerate your results. You'll be able to see the strategies and implement. 


For all of my established Entrepreneurs who are actively seeking out ways to differentiate, launch something fresh, capture more profit while connecting with your customers, and move in a powerful, high-level way -- you'll be inspired and instantly have insights to implement. 

Hey! How do I know that this will work for me?

For real change to take place, in your life, the CONTENT is NOT enough. You need to create the right HABITS and be in the right ENVIRONMENT. SO! We've created this system to have your back, and keep you on track, even if you have a bad day.
We've got you!

TESTED AND PROVEN METHOD: Through trial and error, we've refined our methods. We've managed to simplify the process, so it's pretty hard to mess up, as long as you put in the work.

CLEAR PATH TO SUCCESS: We don't subscribe to "Shiny Object Syndrome" here. There are lots of ways to get to your end goals, however, we'll keep you focused so that you "keep the main thing the main thing" and don't loose sight of the end goal.

GLOBAL COMMUNITY OF ENTREPRENEURS: Together we can accomplish much more than alone. You are NOT alone any longer!

FINANCIAL FREEDOM AND FULFILLMENT: We are ruthlessly committed to helping every single member have a clear, empowering path to financial freedom. 

FUN, FAMILY, FRIENDS: Freedom isn't just about wealth. It's about Fun, Family, and Friendships. We're here to make sure you ENJOY the journey you're on and keep you accountable to your goals.

Hey Starters and Entrepreneurs...

Here Are What A Few Of Our


are saying...

Benefit From Hands On Business Training, Access To 1-1 Business Execution Coaching, Live Group Coaching, Live Virtual Workshops and Masterminds, AND Member Benefit Programs That Put Money Back In Your Pocket!

All For Just $497!!

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